Study of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Self-healing Asphalt

shafik M. Jendia, Noor Hassan, Khadija Ramlawi, Hadeel Abu-Aisha


Asphalt Pavement needs continuous maintenance to fulfill the required level of performance. This research aims to study the effect of adding steel wool (SW) on the property of the self-healing of the wearing layer in the asphalt mix. Several Tests have been conducted on aggregates, SW and bitumen to evaluate their properties. Asphalt mixes have been prepared in accordance with standard specifications followed by testing asphalt samples to obtain values of the stability, flow and specific gravity .Marshall Method has been used for the design of the asphalt mix to determine the optimum content of SW as well as to obtain the characteristics of SW modified asphalt mixture. 20 samples were prepared to determine the optimum SW content and to investigate the self-healing property through various tests. Asphalt samples with SW content of 5% showed the best thermal and electrical conductivity. The results showed also that it is possible to use SW in the preparation of asphalt wearing layers to enhance the self-healing property by heat induction. Asphalt samples with SW content of 3 and 5 % presented the strongest bonding among the different percentages. Accordingly, Marshall samples test results showed that the optimal content of SW is 4.33% (by volume of optimum bitumen content).


Self Healing Asphalt, Steel Wool, Heat Induction.

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