Enhanced Context-Aware Role-Based Access Control Framework for Pervasive Environment

Tawfiq S. Barhoom, Mohammed Al-akhras


Utilization of contextual information considered very useful for improving access decision making process against systems resources, to be more effective in providing authorized service for a large number of end users.We selected model makes decisions based on context information sensed and collected from user
environment. Then we enhanced context utilization and framework performance based on theoretical idea previously published [14], through studying the process of making decision based on context information validity. We focused on enhancing the distributing and management process of context information over users by
using the proxy, which works as observer to enforce policy for short term context information. In case of any change, breaks access control policy rules, the proxy on user device will automatically send revocation/grant request based on change made for context information related to the user in his local environment. After the
change made to context information listed within the available policy rules, the proxy will re-evaluate it on user device, and utilize available resources on the device, then grant or revoke permissions, finally will update the web service to be up-to-date. Such enhancement will highly increase system responsiveness and enhance authorization for end users..


context aware, role base access control, performance, grant, revocation.

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