Analysis of Damage of Reinforced Mortar by Non-Destructive Methods

Hossam A. Elaqra, Maher Sharia, Rachid El Guerjouma


The aim of this study is the improvement of the potential of coupling between non-destructive methods on damage characterization of mortar (acoustic emission and ultrasound).

The mortar is a very heterogynous material, in which damage can be estimated by the method of the ultrasounds. It is also fragile, which allows to have intense signals by the technique of acoustic emission.

The results obtained on this paper concern the reinforced mortar by steel fibres, show that damage can be describe in three stages of damage. Stage 1, where there is no acoustic activities, stage 2, correspond the increase of the attenuation according to the increase of the value of the applied strength. This value depends very strongly on the applied strength, then the strength is strong, the attenuation is important. The value of the attenuation in the case without load is very different from that observed just before the failure in third stage.

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