Rectangular waveguide radiator miniaturization using electromagnetic infinity-shaped metamaterial resonator

Mohamed K Ouda, Nidal A Abutahoun


A miniaturized open-ended rectangular waveguide antenna radiating below the cut-off frequency of the waveguide is proposed. Waveguide miniaturization is achieved by periodically loading the antenna with electromagnetic metamaterial (MTM) consisting of infinity shaped resonators. The metamaterial gives the waveguide the ability to support propagation of the backward wave below the cut-off frequency. The proposed open waveguide radiator was designed, optimized and simulated using High Frequency Structure Simulator HFSSTM commercial software. Comparing previous work of miniaturization of waveguides, a higher miniaturization ratio with a bandwidth about 327 MHz and good matching was obtained. Keywords:Waveguide miniaturization, left-handed media, metamaterials.


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