Experimental study of the impact of adding recycled lead on the properties of concrete

Samir S. Yassin, Mahmoud A. Alnajjar


In this work, recycle lead added in forms shots to constituent concrete in different percentage of lead-to-cement ratio (20% to 140%) by weight. Several tests on fresh and hardened concrete were carried out. The fresh concrete was tested and performed slump test to measure its workability. The testing on hardened concrete was compressive strength at 7 days, 14 days, and 28 days. The penetration of  x-ray to concrete after 14 days from casting date was done by using basic x-ray machine as source at 100KeV and 120KeV energies and used X-Ray Dosimeter STEP OD-01 as detector to measure the radiation dose rate (µsv/h) penetrated the concrete samples. Then, linear attenuation coefficients (LAC) and compressive strength of concrete specimens were experimentally investigated.  It was observed that, if the recycled lead shots to cement ratio of 80% by weight is added in the concrete mixture, the concrete can be used as a suitable shield against X- Rays.


Recycle lead; X-ray; lead shots; concrete; radiation shields compressive strength.


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