Numerical Simulation of Acoustic Waves in Metal Medium Using FDTD Method

Khitam Y. Elwasife


Acoustic wave modeling is very important for many applications such as the manufacturing of biometric sensors and detectors for flaws in metal structures. The simulation of acoustic waves is done using a finite difference time domain method (FDTD) method with absorbing conditions as perfect matching layer (PML). In this work a numerical simulation of acoustic wave’s propagation in metal is presented using Matlab software program. The characteristics of simulation for the boundary condition are discussed. Results are generated and studied for 1D and 2D FDTD simulation of acoustic waves, also the velocity and pressure in x-y plane is evaluated. Our theoretical results are illustrated by various curves. This mode is important for many applications such as acoustic sensors.


Acoustic waves, Metal medium, Numerical simulation, FDTD.

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