On Weakly Almost Generalized 2-Absorbing Sub-modules of Modules

Arwa E. Ashour


Let M be a module over a commutative ring R with non-zero identity. A proper sub-module N of M is called weakly almost generalized 2-absorbing (denoted by WAG2-absorbing) sub-module, if for  and with  either  or  or  for some positive integers  and . We study the relation between WAG2-absorbing sub-modules and primary, weak primary and weakly primary sub-modules. Also, we study the behavior of , when N is WAG2-absorbing sub-module. Moreover, the WAG2-absorbing sub-modules when  are characterized.


Primary submodules, Weak primary submodules, Weakly primary submodules, Almost generalized 2-absorbing submodules, Weakly almost generalized 2-absorbing submodules, Colon ideal of a submodule, Radical ideal of a submodule.

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