Thermal Properties of Pomace Olives in a Composite Mixture

Alaa M. Musalam, Abdel Fattah A. Qaraman, Ibrahim M. El-Hassayna


The olive oil extraction waste, including pomace and alzibar (liquid waste) can be a source of energy in commercial energy generation and heating. The possibility of using diesel, pomace and alzibar composite fuel in heat installations in the power industry as a composite of alternative fuels is limited by ratios of the component, homogeneity and fuel properties. The properties of the fuels and the effect of some chemical additives are presented including thermal comparative between the composite fuel and pure diesel. The article presents the possibility of using a composite fuel -code B2 (20% alzibar, 40% diesel and 40% Pomace) as an alternative for diesel with a high thermal efficiency. The results showed the effect of the added thermal activators such as ethanol in reducing the amount of the remaining results of fuel combustion process by adding 5% ethanol.


Thermal properties, Diesel, Pomace, Mixture, Alzibar, ASAA, Ethanol.

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