Prevalence of Silent Bacteriuria among Diabetic Patients in Khan Younis Governorate

Akram M. Altaher, Mohanad A. Alnajar, Kareema S. Alumur, Abeer S. Zourob, Fadwa M. Abu-Ryda, Tasneem A. Almasry


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia. There is evidence that diabetics are more prone to urinary tract infection. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of silent bacteriuria in diabetic patients in Khanyounis Governorate. This study is conducted on 100 DM patients and 100 healthy individual, aged 25-65 years old. The selected DM patients were non-immunocompromised, not on steroid therapy, not under antibiotic treatment and without structural abnormalities in their urinary tract. Demographic characteristics of the study population and clinical information and UTI situation of DM patients were collected by interview questionnaire. The percentage of population who had positive bacterial culture results was 23.0% of DM patients vs. 17.0% of the controls group. E. coli was the most common organism that causing asymptomatic bacteriuria in diabetic (9.0%) followed by S.epidyrmidus (5.0%) followed by Klebsiella and S.saprophyticus with the same percentage (3.0%) followed by Pseudomonas and Proteus with percentages (2.0% and 1.0%) respectively. On the other hand, E. coli was the most common organism that causing asymptomatic bacteriuria in controls group (2.0%), followed by Citrobacter, Proteus and S.epidyrmidus with the same percentage (1.0%). Moreover, there was a statistically correlation between bacterial culture results of diabetic patients and the duration of diabetes (P=0.006). Urinary tract bacteria pathogens were isolated more in diabetics than in controls. E.coli is the predominant organism that causing asymptomatic bacteriuria in diabetics and controls group. The prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria among DM patients is directly proportional with diabetes duration.


Diabetes mellitus, Silent Bacteriuria, Khanyounis Governorate

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