The Impact of Population Growth on Health and Educational Services Distribution in AL-Salt City (1994-2015)

Mohammed W. AL-Washah, Mousa A. Samha


The study aimed to investigate the impact of population growth on the services sector (education and health) in AL-Salt city. The study used two approaches: (descriptive and analytical). Both approaches are used to analyze the effect of population growth on services by collecting the desired statistics and data. The study concluded that the population growth rate in the city during the period 1994-2015 preceded the rate of development in educational, health, and general services. The study found that there is a significant overcrowd and pressure on educational services of the schools, where the teacher students’ ratio increased rapidly. Also, health services suffer from overcrowd where the ratio of population per one physician increased rapidly due to the lack of physicians in such. This pressure affects negatively the quality of provided health services. The study concluded that these results may be considered by planners, decision makers, and researchers.

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Population Growth, Health services, Educational services

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