Digitalization and its Effect on Improving Sixth Grade Student’s English Language Listening Comprehension Skill in Mafraq Educational Directorate

Ala'a Odtallah Al-khaza'aleh


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of digitalization on improving comprehension English language listening comprehension skill of sixth grade students. The researcher used the descriptive method. A chick list based on experts' notes and their English language teacher observations in the target school in Mafraq / Qasabah, Jordan, during the first semester 2019-2020. Listening lessons were conducted using digital utilities such as the Internet, computers, audiotapes, videotapes, interactive TV, and compact disks and activities were designed depending on the curricula while putting the lesson plan into action in the classroom. Data from the teacher's observation was analyzed, the results showed positive progress in students' English language listening comprehension skill after using digitalization in teaching listening skill, and a difference was found between the traditional method of teaching listening and to use digitalization in teaching listening skill for the favor for the last method. Based on the results of the study, the researcher recommends using digital utilities in English language listening comprehension tasks to improve students' English language listening skill.

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Digitalization, Listening Skill, Comprehension

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