The Attitudes of EFL Teachers in Jordan Towards Online Webinars as Professional Development Tools in Comparing with International EFL Teachers

Najwan Abd Al-Rahman Kouteh


The aim of this study is to investigate the attitudes of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers in Jordan towards using webinars as professional development tools in comparing with international EFL teachers. A quantitative study was conducted with (60) EFL teachers, (44) EFL teachers were from Jordan and (16) EFL teachers were from different countries around the world. An online questionnaire which is adapted from Emre’s thesis (2019) was distributed via WhatsApp and Telegram applications. The data has analyzed using descriptive statistics via SPSS statistics. This study was conducted in Amman- Jordan in (2020-2021). The results showed that female and males EFL teachers who have additional courses and who have attended webinars were positive towards using webinars as professional development tools and Jordanian EFL teachers revealed moderate attitudes in comparing with international EFL teachers. This study suggested to encourage Jordanian EFL teachers to attend webinars for professional development by supporting and facilitating conditions, reward teachers who attend webinars and conduct persistent research in order to have different experiences to support the results of the upcoming researches.

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ICT, multi-synchronous, asynchronous, synchronous webinars, professional development.

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