The Impact of Total Quality Management on Innovation Management in Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel) Company: Analytical field study

زكي عبد المعطي ابو زيادة


This study aimed at identifying the level of applying the concept of total quality management in Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel) Company, and its impact on the level of on innovation management. To achieve the goals of this study, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method. the researcher prepared a questionnaire so as to gather data from the samples under the study whose number reached up to (177) respondents. The study concluded some results; the most significant ones are, Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel) Company generally cares about applying all the dimensions of total quality management a high degree. The sample’s trends towards the dimensions of innovation management in general have reached a high degree.It was shown that there’s a significant effect that has a statistical sign of the dimensions of the total quality management such as (persuasion and support of senior management, Concentrationon the client, participation and motivation of workers, giving training and qualification courses for workers, information system & gathering data, strategic planning and continuation of improving, team building, Measuring service quality), on the level of on innovation management. (Communication capacity, take risks, encouraging and supporting innovation). In the light of the study Resultsa number of recommendations have been made. Most importantly: Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel) Companyto be Comprehensively Committedto implementing all dimensions of Total Quality Management (TQM). Besides, Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel) Companyis concentrated on the most affecting dimensions of Total Quality Management (TQM) on the innovation management.


Total Quality Management (TQM), Innovation Management, Telecommunications Sector

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