The Impact of Knowledge Areas for Project Management on Project Quality at Palestinian NGOs

Khalid A. Dahleez, هشام محمود عنبر


This study aimed to examine the impact of knowledge areas of project management on project quality for projects implemented by Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations (PNGOs) operating in Gaza Strip. It also aimed at studying the level of awareness and degree of implementation of theses knowledge areas by targeted PNGOs as well as levels of quality for implemented projects. The study followed the descriptive and analytical approach and used the questionnaire as data collection tool. The study population consisted of project managers and coordinators working at (560) active PNGOs. It was implemented on a random sample of 220 project manager and coordinator from which 191 questionnaires were obtained and deemed valid for analysis at a response rate of 87%. Data were analyzed through using suitable statistical tools and through employing parametric tests.
The study found that PNGOs implement their projects in light of project knowledge areas with high levels in which project communication management score the highest (84.15%) followed by project scope management, project integration management, and project quality management at levels of 83.52%, 83.18%, and 83.01% respectively. Project cost management scored the lowest at 80.64%. The findings also showed that project quality was high at 82.24%. The findings also showed that all nine-project knowledge areas (integration, scope, time, cost, quality, HR, risk, procurement, and communication) were significantly and positively correlated with project quality. The study also found that only four of the nine project knowledge areas have significant and positive impact on project quality, namely: procurement management, HR management, integration masnagement, and risk management respectively.
The study offered a set of recommendations that highlights the need for disseminating project implementation best practices and associated project management tools that are based on international project management standards. It also recommended giving extra efforts for both managing risk and time of implemented projects. It also recommended doing more research in other fields and repeating the current study in other sectors.

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Project Management Knowledge Areas, Project Quality, Project Success, NGOs.

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