A Stress-State based Peridynamics model for elastio-plastic material modeling

Mahmoud M. Jahjouh


A Stress-State based PD (SSPD) model using a well-known yield criteria is proposed in this paper and tested on the modeling of two dimensional bars under different loading levels as a first step for further development. SSPD is based upon peridynamics (PD) which utilize temporal spatial integro-differential equation of motion and formulates continuum problems in terms of integral equations, which are capable of modeling discontinuities such as cracks. The proposed bond strength not only depends on the bond stretch, but on the current state of all bonds connected to a particle as well. Thus, a stress-based peridynamics model is obtained. The tensile simulation compared to conventional FEM shows promising performance with an error of 5%. Compression simulations, however, need more investigation to include the effect of contact forces.



Peridynamics, Stress-State, Modeling, FEM

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