Blockchain-Based Quality of Service for Healthcare System in the Gaza Strip

Abdelkhalek I. Alastal, Raed A. Salha, Maher A. El-Hallaq


Electronic Health Records EHRs are critical, highly sensitive private information in healthcare, and need to be frequently shared among different parties for example patients, physicians and administration. Blockchain provides a shared, immutable and transparent health records of all the transactions to build applications with trust, accountability, and transparency. This provides a unique opportunity to develop a secure and trustable EHR data management and sharing system using blockchain. This study aims to develop the use of health records as well as finding the current status of EHRs by designing a checklist to measure the extent of use of health records in the Gaza Strip hospitals and exploring the possibilities of using blockchain technology to develop the use of the electronic health records to share accurate and complete health data between multiple parties such as patients, doctors, and managers in an effective, transparent and secure manner.



Blockchain Technology, Distributed Ledger Technology, Electronic Health Records, Healthcare, Information Management

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