Producing Porous Asphalt in Palestine According to ASTM D7064

shafik M. Jendia, Mousa Krezem


Porous Asphalt (PA) pavements offer an alternative technology for storm water management because it differs from traditional asphalt pavement designs in its high air void ratio which can reach more than 20 %. Aim of the research is to produce porous asphalt according to ASTM D7064 and to study the different characteristics and properties of porous asphalt. The practical program of this study starts with studying the different properties of the used aggregates in preparing porous asphalt samples, then studying the different characteristics of used bitumen (density, ductility .. etc.). After that porous asphalt mix was prepared and PA samples was subjected to required laboratory tests to determine the air void ratios (Va%), optimum bitumen content (OBC) and permeability coefficient. The test results found that Va% ranges between 21 % to 29 % by several bitumen contents. The optimum bitumen content OBC of the non-modified porous asphalt was 3.5 % and the permeability coefficient reached approximately 55 m/day.


Porous Asphalt, air void ratio, Optimum Bitumen Content Draindown Test, Cantabro Abrasion Test, Marshal Test, ASTM D7064

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