Developing a Framework for Implementing Green- Lean Construction Techniques

Samah A. Abu Musameh, Mamoun A. Alqedra, Mohammed H Arafa, Salah R Agha


It is known that the traditional construction life cycle produces wastes in time, materials and cost as well as producing polluting materials. The main objective of this study is to propose a framework that integrates the traditional construction techniques with green-lean construction techniques to improve the economic and environmental performance of the construction industry. The study was carried out using Analytical Network Process (ANP) and Zero One Goal Programming (ZOGP). The results suggested an optimum arrangement to reach an effective green-lean framework; this involves a wide range of interventions that could be implemented for moving the traditional construction towards green-lean construction. The study concluded that going green- lean is not necessarily expensive if the right approach is applied. Further, going green-lean can save time and money while keeping staff and buildings clean and safe. Further, the study recommended paying more effort in the design phase to integrate innovative solar and water energy alternatives. It was also recommended to find new value-added activities/ materials to replace non-value ones. In addition to that, analyzing the needed activities in an early start of the project would help releasing the right work at the right time with the right people at an optimum price.


Green techniques, Lean construction, Analytical Network Process, ANP, ZOGP

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