Incorporation of waste glass and bottom ash in concrete construction

Mohammed H. Arafa


This research investigated the effect of incorporating waste glass powder and raw bottom ash in concrete construction. Laboratory work was designed to identify the performance of concrete mixes using waste glass powder and raw bottom-ash as a partial substitute of cement. The performance of the prepared mixes was obtained in terms of workability, compressive strength. The first series of concrete mixes were prepared with 10%, 20% and 30% glass powder as a replacement of the cement content. The cement content of the second series were replaced with 10%, 15% and 20% raw bottom-ash. Further, a third series were carried out having 20 % of cement content replaced by 10% of glass powder and 10% of raw bottom ash.
Incorporation of glass powder or/and raw bottom-ash partially replacing cement content in concrete indicated a significant improvement in slump values. The ultimate compressive strength of 10% replacement of cement by glass powder showed the optimum content in which the strength was higher than the control mix. However, Incorporation of raw bottom-ash in concrete as a partial substitution of cement showed decrease in strength compared with the control mix.


Concrete, Glass Powder, Bottom Ash, Slump, Compressive strength

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