Developing and Evaluating Training Programs on Energy Efficient Building Design: The IUG Experience, Palestine

Ahmed S Muhaisen, Omar S Asfour


nowadays, great research efforts are devoted to investigate energy efficiency practices in buildings as a response to the rapid consumption of the depleting fuels and the associated environmental challenges. This paper presents a systematic approach that was implemented in the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), Palestine to develop and evaluate a training program on energy efficiency in buildings. The aim of the training program was to bring together engineers and architects from a variety of governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations to learn and discuss energy efficiency practices in buildings considering the local conditions of the Gaza Strip. This study reports the methods used to design, implement, and assess the program including a questionnaire, focus group, and reflection workshop. The study concluded that there is a great need in the Gaza Strip for such training courses. There is also a need to expand the scope of the training to cover further categories of people involved in the construction sector, and to use additional training formats such as on-job, and over-distance training.


Energy, Efficiency, Buildings, Training, Gaza

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