Hybrid FLC/BFO Controller for Output Voltage Regulation of Zeta Converter

Hatem A Elaydi, Mohammed A AlSbakhi


Renewable energy sources are usually connected to the power grid via power converters. Zeta converters are very important for microgrid and smart grid applications. The objective of this paper is to design a Mamdani fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and a hybrid fuzzy logic controller with the bacterial foraging optimization algorithm (FLC/BFO) to improve and regulate the output voltage response against disturbances like the change in the voltage source or the load for the Zeta converter operating in continuous conduction mode (CCM). Analysis and comparison among simulations of the open loop, closed loop fuzzy logic controller, and hybrid FLC/BFO controller results will be performed for different output voltages and for different working conditions such as the change in the voltage source or the load. The results show that there is significant improvement in the results for the proposed FLC/BFO controller. The designs and simulations will be performed under MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. The results will be compared with other results which used the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm.


Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm, Continuous Conduction Mode, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Renewable Energy Sources, Zeta Converter

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