Modelica-Based Model for Activated Sludge System

Khalil T. Matar, Fahid K. J. Rabah, Mohammed M. Abdelati


Activated sludge system is the most important stage in municipal wastewater treatment process. It is a biological operation used for treating sewage by means of microorganism. One type of activated sludge systems is the oxidation ditch. In this work, models derived through object-oriented programming will be used to build a simulation model for a typical oxidation ditch. The derived model was constructed and programmed using Modelica language. The simulation model will help better understand the system behavior. Thereby, the model will be provided as an assessment or evaluation tool for the performance of control schemes. The tool gave the expected results, in terms of reducing the concentration of organic matter in wastewater coming out from oxidation ditches


oxidation ditch, modeling, Modelica, activated sludge, wastewater treatment plant

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