Design of a Tri-band Double Wire Square Loop Frequency Selective Surface for Mobile Signal Shielding

Mohammed T. Alhaddad, Talal F. Skaik


This paper presents the design of a novel frequency selective surface (FSS) structure. The proposed FSS structure here is constructed of square loops of copper wires interconnected together using iron wires and thus forming a wire net. It is designed to shield the mobile signals of different networks: GSM 900, GSM 1800 and 3G and hence operating as an electromagnetic bandstop filter. A single cell consists of double square copper loops with outer loop tuned at GSM 900 and the inner loop tuned at GSM 1800 and 3G frequency bands. The structure can be easily manufactured and installed in outdoor areas. The simulation results of transmission coefficients show stable frequency response for both the TE and TM polarizations for angle of incidence from 00 to 300.


Frequency Selective Surface (FSS); GSM signal shielding; wire square loop

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