Role of Flywheel Energy Storage System in Microgrid

Salima Nemsi, Seifeddine Abdelkader Belfedhal, Linda Barazane


Recently, the idea of electricity generation from one side has changed by introducing the concept of microgrid. The latter enables not only producer to be consumer or vice versa. But to aggregate different renewable energy sources like solar and wind in order to mitigate CO2 emission and produce clean energy, avoid big power losses, which are principally due both to the large electrical power produced in one place and long transmission lines .Nevertheless, this operation depends strongly on storage systems with power electronic converters for being reliable and controllable. In this context, a power electronic converter supplying a squirrel-cage induction machine coupled to a flywheel is proposed for study in this paper, This system is known as Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS) and aims to improve the quality of electric power of grid or consumer by storing an amount of energy under kinetic form during high production of wind for example and to generate that quantity in case of deficit of primary source. The simulation results have been achieved using the software Matlab/Simulink.


Microgrid, Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS), Matlab/Simulink

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