Assessment of Geometric Accuracy of Jordanian Cadastral Maps in the West Bank-Palestine

Najeh Sadiq Tamim, Ahmad Adnan Taha


The cadastral maps in Palestine were produced before 1967 by the Jordanians and British Mandate authorities. We have noticed that most surveyors, as well as the different governmental and local authorities are using these maps as they are without some processing, as if these maps were free of errors and problems. Even though good for some applications, it was found that these maps suffer serious shortcomings concerning geometric accuracy and content (as they have not been updated). This paper aims to assess the internal geometric accuracy of the scanned Jordanian block maps using different georeferencing techniques. Based on the achieved results, it was found that the Affine transformation looks to be the most suitable one, especially when supported with directly measured field data.


cadastral maps, block maps, Palestine, West Bank.

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