Gaza Metro Network - Route Site Selection

shafik M. Jendia, Mohammed Skaik


This paper aims at studying and planning for selecting the best route for a metro network in the Gaza Strip as a strategic trend and solution in order to overcome current and future transportation challenges. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Multi-Criteria Decision Making methods (MCDM), and Expert Systems (ES) have extensively been used in solving metro components sites selection problems. The planning process in this paper mainly involves identifying the optimal locations for the main components of the system, which are (1) Stations (end and intermediate stations) and (2) the best optimized route. The locations of such components can be classified as the best ones, if they satisfy certain criteria such as engineering, environmental, economic, social, and institutional requirements. The results show that 3 end stations have been chosen to be the origin and destination stations. It also shows that the total proposed metro line length is 51, 759 Km. It covers all the Gaza Strip Governorates. 57 metro stations have been chosen and distributed along the proposed metro route which is branched into two routes starting from Deir Albalah and reaching the two destinations in South Gaza.


Gaza metro, public transportation, urban planning


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