Nano Generator Simulation Using Fuzzy Logic

Muhammad FAISAL Wasim,  Muhammad WASEEM Ashraf, Shahzadi Tayyaba,  Basit Ali , Nitin Afzulpurkar


This papar presents the design, modeling and simulation of nanogenrator. Nano structure based energy genrator is used to convert the small physical motion into electrical energy such as body part motion, heart beating, vibrating parts of the factory machines walls, floors and thrilling parts of transports. In the present study, two input parameters like force and thickness and two output parameters like voltage and current have been considered and simulation was performed using the fuzzy logic technique. This approach helps to optimize the durable, accurate and efficient nano-generator. Basic Madami model of the fuzzy logic is used for calculations. The input and output parameters have been assigned three membership functions (MFs). The device works according to the instructions well-defined in the fuzzy inference system (FIS). On the basis of simulation we observed operational diagrams. Surface viewer were used to observe the curves and to analyse the results of all defined MFs. Diverse rules by making various group were defined in MATLAB rule managing editor and AND logic is adopted for simulation. Mamdani’s expression is used for the calculation of the outputs. The calculation based results and simulated results show very littile variation for fuzzy logic (FL) nanogenrator. There is present 1% error in simulated and theoretical values that shows that FL based nano-generator controller is very efficient to harvest the energy from nano structure based device.


Nano generator, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy inference system, Membership function.

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