Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Beams Strengthened with Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Layer

Nasreddin Elmezaini, Mohammed Ashour


The behavior of concrete beams strengthened with a steel fiber-reinforced concrete (SFRC) layer was studied by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS software. Four beams that were experimentally tested in a previous research were considered. Beam B-1 is made of ordinary reinforced concrete, B-2 is made of SFRC material, B-3 is made of two parts, RC beam with SFRC overlay and B-4 is made of RC beam with SFRC underlay. Ordinary concrete as well as SFRC were modeled using the multi-linear isotropic hardening constants where they are assumed to have a linear behavior up to 30% of the compressive strength. Afterwards, a multi-linear stress-strain curve was defined. For reinforcing steel, a linear-elastic perfectly-plastic material model was used. Steel fiber reinforced concrete was modeled by the smeared modeling technique. The results obtained by FEA showed good agreement with those obtained by the experimental program. This research demonstrates the capability of FEA in predicting the behavior of beams strengthened with SFRC layer. It will help researchers in studying beams with different configurations without the need to go through the lengthy experimental testing programs.


None linear FEA, SFRC, RC beams with SFRC overlay.

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