MEMS Based Energy Harvesting Controler Using Fuzzy Logic

Basit Ali, , Muhammad WASEEM Ashraf, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Muhammad FAISAL Wasim


This paper presents the design and simulation of MEMS based energy harvester controller. Energy harvesting from physical motion such as finger motion, heart beating, walking and running are becoming so important now-a-days. In this study outputs voltage and current of the MEMS based energy harvester can be controlled by using fuzzy logic based control system. A new way of controlling the outputs by changing the inputs has been proposed in this study. The system has been developed in MATLAB using fuzzy logic Mamdani model.Two inputs pressure and area have been selected. The three membership functions to the input parameters have been assigned. The two outputs like voltage and current are selected for output power. Three membership functions are also assigned to the outputs. The system works according to the rules defined in the fuzzy inference system (FIS). The results according to suggested rules belonging to assigned MFs have been displayed in surface viewer.Different rules of combinations were defined in MATLAB rule editor and we used AND logic for simulation. The rsults obtained from fuzzy logic controller have been verified by using Mamdani’s formula for specific values of the inputs and the outputs. As there is only 1% error for both the outputs, current and voltage, this shows that the system performs very well.


— Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy rule editor, Fuzzy Inference system, MEMS, Membership functions, MATLAB.

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