Strategic Planning in Construction Companies in Gaza Strip

 Khalid El-Hallaq,  Bassam A. Tayeh


This paper presents a study that aims to explore the reality of the strategic planning in the construction companies in Gaza Strip. The clarity of the scientific concept of strategic planning has been investigated, in addition its significance, the degree of implementation and use, also the participation involvement in setting strategic plans and ability to adapt with their internal and external changing environment to be considered. This study relied mainly on the field study methods, where a special questionnaire was designed and distributed on a sample of "149" construction company, therefore, a full comprehensive survey was adopted. A "66" questionnaire out of "90' were retrieved and were processed and analyzed. The results of the study recommended the necessity of starting up with the use of strategic planning as an administrative tool to help these companies to adapt with their internal and external environments, also to provide more training courses for top management on strategic management and planning, and to emphasize on the sharing principle when setting strategic plans, where different administrative levels are involved


Construction Companies; Gaza Strip; Strategic planning; Strategy

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