Odour AssessmentDecisionTree forOdourSampling andMeasurement

Ros NADIAH Rosli


There are various method in the world to sample and analyze odour. No matter what method or technique that is used, it should be accordingly to the standard. For the new researcher or people involved in order management, they mightlack in knowledge on how to use a proper or a suitable technique to assess odour. In Malaysia, there is no specific method of handling the odour problem. Currently in this country is following the European standard, which using the Olfactometer to analyze odour. Since the Olfactometer is expensive for the first time of installation, a cost effective Odour Threshold Test has been developed from Japan was trying to introduce. A new method from Canada called SM100 Olfactometer was also available in the laboratory. Comparisons between those methods are studied and suitability for use are presented. For odour sampling, there are three types of source that need to be considered; point, area and volume. Proper techniques should be done in order to sample at various sources. This paper would guide on sampling method, test procedure and data analysis of some method. This would make sense as the newer can choose their technique based on available instrument and environment condition.


Guideline, Odour Sampling, Odour Measurement

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