Coupled Resonator Diplexer for LTE-Advanced System

H. Abukaresh,   T. Skaik 


This paper presents the design of a microstrip hairpin diplexer. The design is based on coupledresonator structure using U-Shaped resonators. It is designed to meet The Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTEA) system Band 7, operating at uplink (UL): 2.50–2.57 GHz and downlink (DL): 2.62–2.69 GHz for base transceiver station antenna. The structure has three ports with 10-coupled resonators with direct coupling to produce diplexer with chebyshev filtering response. The diplexer does not involve any external junctions for distribution of energy, so it can be miniaturized in comparison to conventional diplexers.


— Component; Coupled-Resonator, Coupling Matrix, Diplexer, Optimization.

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