Time Management in Engineering Consulting Firms Nasreddin Elmezaini, Ph.D., P.Eng

Nasreddin Elmezaini


Human resources and manpower are the main assets for engineering consulting firms. The success of the firm depends on how well the managers can make use of their employee’s time. To maximize profit, it is necessary to maximize utilization and billability rate of the employees. Lack of work in the firm will leave some employees with an inadequate amount of work, hence, their utilization and billability rates drop and the company starts to lose cash. Sometimes however, billability rates drop not due to the lack of work, but due to the inefficient utilization of the existing manpower. This usually results from poor managerial practice and/or lack of efficiency of the employees. This paper discusses the efficiency and productivity of practicing engineers in consulting engineering firms. How can we maximize the efficiency of practicing engineers in our firms? The use of time sheet system will be demonstrated. How can we benefit from the time sheet to maximize production and minimize overhead


Time Sheets, Consulting Firms, Chargeable time, Flexitime schedule.

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