Analysis and Design of E-shape Meander Line Antenna for LTE Mobile Communications

Ahmed HAMDI Abo Absa, Mohamed Ouda, Ammar Abu Hudrouss 


the meander line antenna (MLA) is an electrically small antenna. Electrically small antennas pose several performance related issues such as narrow bandwidth, low gain and high cross polarization levels. In this paper, we analysis and design an E-shape MLA as anew shape to achieve wider bandwidth and smaller gain at 2.5 GHz compared to the classical MLA. Parametric study has been done for the effect of changing each variable in the antenna structure and study the effect of this change on the antenna performance. The best` performance of separate variables is combined at the end which give suboptimal design. Professional design software (HFSS) is used to design and optimize the antenna and MATLAB codes were written to determine the resonant frequency and the bandwidth for each study in this paper.


E-shape; bandwdth; gain; meander line; parametric

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