Characterization of Raw Egg Shell Powder (ESP) as A Good Bio-filler

Amal S.M. Bashir, Yamuna Manusamy


Chicken eggshell (ES) is an aviculture byproduct that has been listed worldwide as one of the worst environmental problems. It constituted by a three-layered structure, namely the cuticle on the outer surface, a spongy (calcareous) layer and an inner lamellar (or mammillary) layer. The chemical composition (by weight) of by-product eggshell consists of calcium carbonate (94%), magnesium carbonate (1%), calcium phosphate (1%) and organic matter (4%) such as type X-collagen, sulfated polysaccharides, and other proteins. This study was conducted to investigate the various characteristics of ESP including scaning electron microscopy (SEM), particle size, surface morphology, FTIR and X-ray fluorescence (XRF), and thermo gravimetric analyzer (TGA). Based on its unique characteristics, the potential use of ESP as a natural filler prepared from food waste incorporated with natural rubber latex foam (NRLF) was investigated.


Composit, eggshell waste, natural filler, characterization.

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