Digital Sensorless Speed Direct Current Motor Control By the Aid of Static Speed Estimator

 Constantin Pavlitov , Yassen Gorbounov, Radoslav Rusinov, Anton Dimitrov


this paper deals with speed control of DCM without angular speed measuring device. This device sometimes appears to be rather expensive and unaffordable in everyday common speed controllers. However since speed feedback has to exist - measuring of anchor current and mathematical speed estimator device is suggested [1] instead speedometer. The synthesis of sensorless speed controller is performed in three major steps. The first one is referred to identification of the motor; the second one reflects Matlab Simulink model of the whole system – motor and regulator and the third step reveals microcontroller implementation. The implementation has been made by the aid of MSP430 16-bit MCU and most of the functions have been performed by programmable means. This article will be quite helpful for those ones who are eager to make their
transition from Matlab simulation steps towards digital controller system implementations.


sensorless control, dc motor control, speed estimator, speed control.

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