Bandwidth enhancement of patch antenna with anisotropic substrate using inset L-shaped feed and L slots on ground plane

  Amel Boufrioua


—in this paper, an inset L-shaped feed rectangular patch antenna with dual L slots etched on the ground
plane is proposed and analysed for increasing band width of microstrip patch antenna. The results in terms of
return loss and radiation pattern are given. The results show that dual wide bands are achieved and a better
impedance matching for the upper and lower resonances are obtained.Simulation results for the effect of uniaxial
substrate on the return loss and bandwidth of the rectangular patch antenna using inset L-shaped feed with dual
rectangular slots on the ground plane are also presented. Our results of return loss using Ansoft HFSS are
compared with those available in the literature which shows a good agreement.


Wide band antenna, rectangular patch, anisotropic substrate, modified ground plane.

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