Fuzzy Logic Based Flow Controller of Dam Gates

 Muhammad Imran, Muzammal Zulfqar, Haroon Rasheed, Shahzadi Tayyaba, Muhammad WASEEM Ashraf, Zahoor Ahmad


This paper presents the design and simulation of flow controller of dams gates using fuzzy logic based control system. A new way of controlling the opening and closing of dam gates has been proposed in this study. The system has been developed firstly in MATLAB using fuzzy logic Mamdani model and then the system is checked by developing a simple C language code using Microcontroller. Two input parameters have been selected like water level and water speed. The three membership functions to these parameters have been assigned. The one output parameter is selected as flow controller. Three membership functions are also assigned to the output. In this study the system works according to the rules defined in
the fuzzy inference system. The simulation results are compared with the calculated results of mamdani formula. A pseudo code is developed from the rules defined in the FIS and code is generated in C language. The C language code is then burnt in the Atmel 89C51 microcontroller and a simple control circuit is developed to check the software results on practical basis. The basic concept of the study is that this system will show extreme response on extreme condition otherwise it will show normal results. When both inputs are in the higher (high water level and fast speed) region the output results will also be in the higher region (dam gates full open). This system showed great efficiency and robustness as it can be easily seen from the observations. This system is much different from the conventional systems as it involves simple microcontroller circuit.

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