A robust PSS Based Advanced H2 Frequency Control to Improve Power System Stability – Implementation under GUI/MATLAB

 GHOURAF DJAMEL Eddine,  NACERI Abdellatif


This article present a comparative study between two control strategies, a classical PID regulator, and a robust H2 controller based on LQG control with KALMAN filter applied on automatic excitation control of powerful synchronous generators, to improve transient stability and its robustness of a single machineinfinite bus system (SMIB). The computer simulation results have proved the efficiency and robustness of the robust H2 approach, in comparison with using classical regulator PID, showing stable system responses almost insensitive to large parameter variations. This robust control possesses the capability to improve its performance over time by interaction with its environment. The results proved also that good performance and more robustness in face of uncertainties (test of robustness) with the linear robust H2 controller (optimal LQG
controller with Kalman Filter) in comparison with using the classical regulator PID. Our present study was performed using a GUI realized under MATLAB in our work.

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