Preparation Critical Success Factors for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects in Palestine

Nabil I. El-Sawalhi , Mohammed A Mansour


Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a well-established method for incorporating the private sector to
deliver a service or implement a project. PPP projects are a new concept in Palestine. The aim of this study is to explore the critical success factors (CSFs) for PPP projects in Palestine. A structured questionnaire was distributed to 45 experts from different sectors to identify and rank the critical success factors of PPP projects.
The CSFs of PPP projects are stability of political situation, clear and detailed contract, existence of a sound economic policy, reliable delivery of service, analysis and allocation of risks, suitable legal framework, experienced private sector, profitability to the private sector, and accepted level of toll / tariff for a project. This study recommended that the government have to create a legal PPP framework and should establish PPP standard guidelines and processes to guide the implementation of PPP projects by stakeholders.

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