Hepcidin Status among Iron Deficient Anemic Pregnant Women in Gaza strip: A Case Control Study

Esraa Mohammad Elnabaheen, Mazen Medhat ALZAHARNA, Baker Mahmoud Zabut


Background: Hepcidin, a peptide hormone composed of 25 amino acids. Hepcidin is synthesized mainly in the liver. Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is common during pregnancy and is associated with higher maternal morbidity and mortality in Gaza strip. Understanding of hepcidin hormone and its role in iron metabolism could lead to a new sensitive indicator for earlier detection of cases with IDA. Objective: To assess hepcidin status among IDA pregnant women and its relationship with some biochemical variables in Gaza strip. Materials and methods: A case control study comprised 45 IDA pregnant women and 45 apparently healthy pregnant women. Questionnaire interviews were applied among the study population. Serum hepcidin and ferritin were measured by Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), iron and total iron binding capacity (TIBC) were determined photometrically. Complete blood count (CBC) was also performed. Transferrin and transferrin saturation were calculated. An approval was obtained from Helsinki committee and ministry of health to conduct this study. Overall data were computer analyzed using SPSS (Ver. 18). Results: The mean levels of serum hepcidin, iron, transferrin saturation, and ferritin in cases were significantly lower compared to those of controls (2.6±4 ng/ml, 63.2±25.3 µg/dl, 15.6±8.0% and 8.0±9.7 ng/ml versus 7.5±7.3 ng/ml, 77.7±22.9 µg/dl, 23.5±8.0% and 15.4±14.3 ng/ml respectively with P=0.000). The Pearson correlation test showed that positive significant correlations between hepcidin levels and serum iron, ferritin, and transferrin saturation (P<0.001). On the other hand, negative significant correlations were showed with TIBC and transferrin (P<0.001). Conclusions: Serum hepcidin level has a relationship with anemia among pregnant women. Therefore, monitoring of hepcidin levels can play an important role in management of anemia among pregnant women.




Hepcidin, Serum Iron, Ferritin, Iron deficiency anemia, Gaza strip

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