Leptin Hormone and Some Cardiac Biomarkers Among Congestive Heart Failure patients’ in Gaza Governorate – Palestine.

Yousef I Aljeesh, Mohamed D El-laham


Leptin is considered as adipose tissue hormone and released from many other tissues. It may also exerts actions related to cardiovascular homeostasis that are potentially atherogenic, thrombotic and angiogenic. So it has been established as new laboratory marker for cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients especially congestive heart failure (CHF). Aims: to assess leptin hormone level among CHF patients, and to evaluate its relation to other classical cardiac biomarkers. Method: Retrospective (case-control) study was used to collect data from 65 patients with CHF (case group), and 65 healthy normal individuals (control group). Self report structure interview was used for filling in questionnaire and blood samples were obtained from both groups. ELISA was used for measurement of leptin hormone. SPSS-13 was used to analyze the obtained data. Results: CHF was more prevalent among less educated, unemployment, and low income individuals as well as among individuals with family history of CVD. CHF is more prevalent among cigarettes smoking individuals, inactivity, uncontrolled diet individuals as well as among individuals with history of DM and hypertension. Biochemical results showed that leptin hormone level is higher in CHF patients. Positive significant correlations were obtained between leptin and BMI (P=0.000), cholesterol, triglyceride (P=0.000 for both), LDH and CK-MB (P=0.000, and P=0.002 respectively). In contrast, negative correlation was obtained between leptin with HDL-c (P=0.000). Conclusion: leptin level is higher among CHF patients; it suggesting that the measurement of leptin hormone may be helpful in the diagnosis and prognosis of CHF patients. Keywords: Leptin hormone, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Cardiac Biomarkers, Gaza strip.


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