Comprehensive Solutions for the Water Crisis in Gaza Strip

Mohammed Aiash, Yunes Khalil Mogheir


Gaza Strip is one of the most scarce water resources areas in the region. The coastal aquifer is the only water resource in Gaza Strip and it suffers from rising deficit in the water budget because of continuous increase in water demand for different uses which has been leading to fall in the quality and quantity of groundwater. The problem include inefficiency of infrastructure facilities, and water distribution networks that facing deterioration, illegal connections and leakage. This paper aims at reviewing the current water situation in Gaza Strip and suggestions quantities technical, legal and managerial solutions taking into considerations the current conditions and the approximate costs of applying these solutions. If the suggested solutions are applied within the same period of time, it will save huge quantities of water and utilize alternative resources to cover some of the consumption. These quantities are estimated to be about 35 MCM/yr of water initially and will reach 55 MCM/yr within the next years if solutions are applied on a large scale. The reserved water quantities equals a water production of regional desalination plant (as planned within PWA strategy) with capital cost of 200 million dollar and high operational cost.


Water resources, Aquifer, Infrastructure, solutions, Gaza Strip.

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