IUG Journal of Natural Studies

The journal of the Islamic university is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed and periodical journal which is issued by the Research Affairs in IUG. It has the international number (ISSN:2409-4587), the journal publishes authentic scientific research in different fields of science in  English.

Vol 29, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


Khamis A. Elessi
basheer-salimia rezq, Aloweidat Mohamad, Hamdan Abdul-Jalil, salimiya Mohamad, Jazzar Mohanad, Qawasme Abdel Gader
Esraa Mohammad Elnabaheen, Mazen Medhat ALZAHARNA, Baker Mahmoud Zabut
Abdallah Mohammed Abu Jahel, As'ad Y. As'ad