IUG Journal of Sharia and Law Studies

IUG Journal of Sharia and Law Studies (IUGJSLS) is an open access journal. IUGJSLS is administered by the Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza. IUGJSLS is an online free access and indexing in a large number of bibliographic databases. IUGJSLS embraces the impact and progression of research. IUGJSLS is a worldwide multidisciplinary, issued every two months, it publishes original scientific research in the fields of Sharia and Law Studies in both Arabic and English, produced by researchers inside and outside the Islamic University, which have not been published before. IUGJSLS is committed to the development of innovative open science principles, featuring open and transparent peer review and decision-making processes. IUGJSLS publishes peer reviewed scientific and technical papers/articles.

Vol 31, No 2 (2023)

Table of Contents

IUG Journal
IUG Journal
Mazen I. Hania, Enas G. Al-Batta
Bassam H. Alaf, Rafik A. Radwan
Ali A. Al-Jabra
Magda K. Saif
ahmed A. Abu drabi
Mohab A. Sawali
Sami J. Abu Freih
Mutlaq Alazmi, Rudayna A. Alrifaei
Al-Mu'tasim Billah I . EL-Suleiman