The predawn meal (Suhur) With the second Fajr Adhan (Dawn call to prayer) or after it Hadith critical study

عمار أحمد الصياصنة


This research address by studying and analyzing all Hadiths about the predawn meal (Suhur) with the Fajr Adhan (Dawn call to prayer) or after it. it aims to identify levels of hadith validity or weakness and to remove doubts about the significance of these hadiths and paths used by scholars to deal with those hadiths. The inductive deductive approach was applied, by surveying all hadiths on this issue, judge them and reviewing the scholars opinions about them. The researcher has concluded that all hadiths related to this issue are weak hadiths and there is no valid hadiths among them. Refraining from predawn meal (Suhur) once true Fajr (Dawn) started is generally accepted by predecessors and the successor scholars.


true fajr (Dawn), delay predawn meal (Suhur), eating while call the prayer (adhan).

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