Warning Women Against Adornments that has been Underestimated and are Considered Great Sins "In Light of the Sunnah"

Mohammed M. Mathloum


In this research, which states the concept of great sins lexically and contextually. It also represents the types of forbidden adornment that many women take lightly. Thus, those women leave their homes using such adorning. Such women are considered the ones who commit great sins because of that. These great sins include: not covering the body properly, tottering, having their heads like camel humps, or what is called today as puff, being perfumed when going out and assuming masculine manners. The definitions of these items are presented and each type has its own chapter in which the researcher mentioned most of the accepted Hadiths that are related to each type. The researcher realizes that whenever the great sins are mentioned, the intention is to make it closer to mind. The best of that is what was said by Imam Al Qurtubi, “Whatever sin that Shariah describes to be great, has severe punishment, requires punishment, emphasizes disproof, and is mentioned by the Holy Qura’n, Sunnah, or consensus of Moslem legal scholars is a great sin".
I aim to explain these aforementioned types of adornment that are forbidden for women and they are great sins that deserve curse to avoid them in order to stay away from the anger of Allah and to gain His satisfaction.

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Women, Great Sins, Sunnah.

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