Educational Evaluation Strategy in Communication in the Prophetic Sunnah

Mahmoud M. Abu Mahmoud, Ahmed Y. Al-Awami


The study aims to consolidate the evaluation strategy by communication in the Prophetic Sunnah, through a statement of the activities carried out by the Prophet PBUH, and fall under, and the results of its applied evaluation. The descriptive analytical methodology was used. Among its results: consolidating the evaluation strategy through communication in the Prophetic Sunnah and emphasizing that it is an integral part of the educational evaluation process implemented by the Prophet PBUH .Six activities carried out or ordered by the Prophet PBUH, which have been devised in this context, are the interview, questions and answers, messengers and correspondence, visits, conference, and cohabitation. It showed its clues from the Prophetic Sunnah and the evidence for evaluation to confirm that the Prophet PBUH, in his educational process, used in his educational process all available means of communication in his environment and time, and invested them in educational evaluation. The study recommends researchers in the educational field to take care of rooting educational evaluation strategies from the Prophetic Sunnah. It also recommends teachers to learn about the Prophetic evaluation strategies, and how to invest communication for this.


Strategies, Communication, Evaluation, Educational, Sunnah

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