The meaning of the word in the Holy Quran - The speed of the word as a model -

Qamar Al-Zaman M. Ghazal, Ali A. Al-Harirat


The topic of this study is about the significance of the word in the Holy Quran, the speed of the word as a model.

The importance of the research stems from its novelty, as this research has never been presented on the connotations of the Qur’anic word. I want to prove this aspect of the significance of the Qur’anic word, and prove it with compelling evidence from the words of our Lord Almighty.

The aim of the study is to prove that the Qur’anic word has the meaning of speed and specific movement، commensurate with its contexts, and with the meaning.

This study came in three chapters:

The first chapter: It includes the theoretical framework of the research.

The second chapter: And I included it in the Quranic words that indicate movement and speed

Chapter Three: I included it in the Qur’anic words that denote movement and speed metaphorically, and a conclusion that included the most important findings and recommendations، then indexes that reveal the content of the message.

The study concluded that the Qur’anic word has various connotations and multiple values, and among these meanings the Qur’anic singular carries the connotation of word speed in Qur’an expression.

Which was commensurate with the context and the Qur’anic topic, and it proved that.

Finally, Praise and thanks to Allah the god of everything.


meaning – word – speed- movement.

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