The efforts of Jordanian academics in studying the narrators of hadiths in the six books

Mahmoud Y. Rashid, Rama N. Abu Tarboush


The research aims to extrapolate the efforts of Jordanian academics in their scientific research related to the narrators of the six books, those researches that have been published in refereed scientific journals, or those presented at local or international scientific conferences, and then classify these researches according to their topics, analysis, and statement of their importance. And the results it reached, to show the impact of these efforts in highlighting the status of these books, which are the most important books and modern works, and to show their methodology in selecting their narrators and their ranks. The research reached a number of results, the most important of which are: The number of Jordanian researches that studied the narrators of the six books amounted to (27) research - according to the study - of different subject matter, and most of these researches were unanimously agreed on the selectivity of the authors of the six books for their narrators, and that their output of the narrators in their books was based on a modern methodology and scientific foundations.


The Six Books, Jarrah and Ta’deel, Hadith narrators, curricula

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